Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Should we be doing more at Wesley primary to help prevent global warming

WALT use paragraphs Title Should we be doing more at Wesley to help prevent global warming
I believe….we should save power and water.

reason 1:Firstly….cars produce CO2 if driving alone drive with afriend to school but if you can't
find your keys you can walk
and exercise
to school.

Reason 2:Secondly…we need to reduce water we are wasting more shower less baths turn off taps
when not in use.

Reason 3:Lastly….we need to reduce energy and electricity use candles or torches to save power
if power is not in use turn off all power

summary).That is why I believe…….that if power and water was wasted we will not be
able to survivor.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Should trees be cut down.

I believe….I belive trees should not be cut down

/reason 1:
Firstly….Trees absorb carbon-dioxide.carbon-dioxide
comes from cars it gets traped in our atmosphere.

/Reason 2:
Secondly…If trees be cut down it will causes deforestation.
comes from trees getting cut down it is burning and killing habitats

/Reason 3:
Lastly….Deforestation is making animals become endangered
.animals are getting endangered because deforestation they also cut down
trees for palm oil.


That is why I believe…….That trees should not be cut down because it causes loss of
habitats and makes gas in the air
if they are cut down it will create deforestation and make animals endangered.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

WALT Technical words in our writing

Hi my name is Sunia .I will be telling you how a boats floats .The boat is less dense then the water so the particles  are separated. I have designed my boat so it can float .Its made out of metal .That means the particles are separated. The lift and weight or gravity is balanced therefore it is buoyant